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Social Services

ACHI working with several local partner organization provides comprehensive Social Services focusing on bridging the gap between service providers and the clients. Most of the primarily ACHI clients include individuals and families from the immigrant and refugees and low-income communities. Before any client receive any of the services, intake client needs assessment is performed followed by orientation and Referrals to ACHI services or sister service providing organizations based on specific individual specific needs. Through various integrated activities with the native cultures and languages, ACHI attempts through such social services to help clients towards quick and healthy resettlement and self-sufficiency. ACHI has long-history of providing various services and activities, which is now being categories under social services. Such services include immigration and citizenship support, basic health and skill development programs, peer-to-peer support systems, activities for socialization, civic engagement and other specific group programs such as women, youth and senior’s programs. When appropriate, some of these programs are provided using native African languages and utilizing various progressive cultural activities.

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