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Community Engagements

ACHI provides various family and community centered services in bridging all forms of disparities while creating a healthy and environmentally clean society. ACHI understands the isolation and alienation that African immigrants face when seeking to acclimate and integrate into mainstream society. We provide individual and group activities, including peer-to-peer support systems, civic engagement opportunities, senior programs, and other social activities. We attempt to fill the gaps left by mainstream services and provide complementary services  to address the needs of such a population effectively.  ACHI engages in various activities that eliminate cultural and linguistic barriers to services and reduce stigmatization and fear that prevent healing and progress. 

ACHI is also working on collaborative projects to address bigger community-wide problems and create a better environment for our community. One of such projects is the Mindful Aging Project (MAP). In collaboration with Family Alliance for Counseling Tools & Resolution (FACTR) and California Native Garden Foundation (CNGF), MAP is an initiative to bring immigrant elders from diverse communities together for socialization, personal well-being, greater serenity, and health through community and meditation gardening activities. Other collaborative projects include immigration and civic services, mental and public health issues and grass root community engagement and training. 

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