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Education and Training

ACHI provides and coordinates various volunteer-led free courses and vocational training for skill development, career opportunities and sufficiency. Unlike educational programs provided by other organizations, our educational and training program incorporates native languages to provide effective peer-to-peer learning opportunities for our clients. Such educational and training activities are often organized on the basis of client needs and when a minimum required number of interested clients are available to participate.  Some of the most common educational session in form of classes include ESL and basic English communication and written skills, women sewing classes, computer training and other career development trainings. We also provide mini workshops and/or round table discussions to increase basic knowledge on adapting to their new environment and US workforce. Recently, we have also started to provide certificate level vocational training to help develop new careers for our clients while also helping their follow immigrant communities. Such programs include case management training, mediation skill development, health equity and other related programs. The overall goal and effort are to help clients join the US workforce early and become self-sufficient, avoiding the dependency on welfare systems or other government support. 

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